2020 I 03

Vienna-London, London-Pongau. a permanent record of movements, creating additional digital raw-material from recordings at a London security fair. this is traced back to its deposits in Austria and then dissected. SEARCH-ME-AS.JPEG, is blending representatives of the security industry with lush alpine meadows and the noise of data carriers.

for the exhibition at the galery 12-14 contemporary all data that was collected during a field trip to a security-fair in london and to the “surface” of EU-Visa-Schengen central data storage in St. Johann in Pongau was the source material for this exhibition. this material was translated into vectors using just the meteadata of the .movs, .wavs and .jpegs. a CNC-milling machine was performing those movements to treat the gypsum plates. in the exhibition those artefacts were overlapping with the video- and audiorecordings of the security fair with projections of the alpine landscape

this project is a collaboration with Andreas Zißler.