a look, a signal and zero

2018 I 09 I Mz. Baltazar’s Laboratory, Vienna, Austria

Anna Lerchbaumer invites the participants into a world of ongoing equilibrium and the interval that articulates the ‘magnetism’ of sound, in order to find poetic meaning in materials and flows of everyday. Her work appears as dreamlike scenario in which fiction and reality meet, transforming into a rhythmic narrative.

in the mixed-media installation, an antenna is welcoming the participant at the shop window with its circular motion, while another antenna and an object reminding a lamp are facing a video projected on an LED screen. the two-channel video installation represents a zoom into the reproduced images of the female robots with a closeup of a body, highlighting the moving mouth, and putting the synthetic white skin color into the spotlight. moving lips issuing ‘commands’, with their theatrical expressions that the artificial mimics creates, trigger urgency in repetition; they pile up like model packs that the machine spits out. In the corner of the screen, a photoelectric sensor detects its light and transmits the data through the cables to the antennas. the latter ‘understand the command’ and translate the image into movement, into a trembling sound, inviting to mediate on a sound analysis of the mechanics of emotional and visual impact. these mourners follow protocols as intricate and nuanced as any other ancient rite.

a Look, a  signal and zero is therefore both an installation and a set of orchestra instruments for the sound performance which will be delivered by the artist together with Andreas Zißler at the opening.

(text by Taguhi Torosyan)