toxic temple

2020 I 03

leached soils, acidified seas, polluted atmospheres. we are haunted by the repressed. we can no longer escape its poison. LET’S GET SICK WITH IT!

a shrine for the inner contradictions, absurdities and risks we are indulging into on a daily basis. a solidarisation with the facts.
we enter wastelands instead of unspoiled soil and let the artefacts speak for themselves. colourful assemblages of things that connect the known cosmos, shaky grounds of new divinity and acrid smells that carry us into the sublime. landfills are the new temples. in a sadistic manner we inhale the here and now. transformative forces are released. free radicals. rituals to unmask the chaos beneath the smooth surface.

what changes when we religiously worship the power of toxicity? can a cosmic connection be achieved in our time of disaster through a cult of pollution?

in a processual exhibition, Anna Lerchbaumer and Kilian Jörg venerate the beauty of the oil stains, the sublimity of technoscrap, the enlightenment of radioactivity and the transcendence of extinction. Perhaps our new gods will be smelly zombies. LET`S MEET AT THE END OF THE WORLD and let’s dance in the intoxication of poisoning!

this project is a collaboration with Kilian Jörg.