Anna Lerchbaumer is a visual artist living in Vienna. In her research and artistic practice, she echoes the relationship between nature and technology. An examination of raw materials often found or obsolescent and an exploration of the sonic and spacial possibilities they offer.

Anna creates multi-media installations and sound performances in which sculptural aspects play an important role. She spans a field between visual art, music and performance.

Objects become instruments, balloons become performers and field recordings become installations. She reveals the poetic in the everyday and makes it audible and visible. A change of perspective, a desecration of electrical devices and a possibility to rethink the things surrounding us.


22          Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns,
              Ljubljana, Slovenia
21          Sonic Shrine, Heart of Noise, Innsbruck
21          Almwiesensymphonie, Supergau, Salzburg
21          HYPERmnesia, Pixel, Bytes and Film – ORF III
21          Kunstradio Ö1, Im Rausch der Vergiftung
21          Pixel, Bytes and Film – ORF III Residency
20          U.G.A.I., hört die Signale!, steirischer herbst, Graz
20          SEARCH-ME-AS.JPEG – 12-14 contemporary, Vienna
20          Toxic Temple – Soloshow, AIL, Vienna
19          Is this intimacy? Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna
19          A look, a signal and zero – Mz Baltazare – Vienna
19          Electrical Disobidience –  Zentrale – Vienna
18          Tomorrow is cancelled, Krinzinger Projekte – Wien
18          Our Place in Space – Naturhistorisches Museum Vienna
18          De:Text, JNU Gallery – Delhi, India
17          Diversity of Modernity – Residency und
              Gruppenausstellung im Galaxy Museum
              Fotogalerie Wien – Chongqing, China
16-17     LSF50 – Entspannung pauschal im arabischen
              Sommer, aut. Tiroler Architekturzentrum – Innsbruck
16          I was there tomorrow, Krinzinger Projekte – Vienna
16          Omega 3, mit Andreas Zissler, Zentrale – Vienna
16          V8, vagenale – Vagen, Deutschland
15          Kollektiver Wandel – Angst, Kulturbackstube
              Bäckerei, Innsbruck
15          Film Festival – Seen and Heard – Melbourne,

22           Velak, mdw Klangtheater – University of Music
               and Performing
               Arts Vienna
22           Toxic Temple, book, De Gruyter – Berlin
21           Love, Lullabies and Sleeplessness, cassette,
               Eminent Observer New York
21           Falling Objects, Digitales Album, Small Forms
19           Music for the Future – Atami, Japan
18           Anulla Soundperformance – Galerie Weltraum –
17           An Act of Touching, Frauenfilmtage, Metrokino –
16           Rare Creature Feature – Kinolog, Diaglog
               zwischen Film und Wissenschaft, Top Kino –
15           Munich Center of Community Arts – MUCCA,
15           visionXsound – TANK-203.3040.AT-2015,


16-21      Class for Videoart and Videoinstallation,
               Academy of Fine Art Vienna, Dorit Margreiter
15-19      Mastersstudies of Art and Science,
               University Applied Arts, Virgil Widrich
17           Exchange Semester, Transmedia Arts,
               Brigitte Kowanz
15           Bachelor of Architecture, Bart Lootsma,
               University Innsbruck

19-21      New Media Art Lecturer – University of Art and
               Design Linz
16-18      Head of the department of feministic
               politics, hufak
14-15      Tutor  at the  Institut of Architectural Theory,
               Bart Lootsma