sonic shrine

2021 I 09 I Heart of Noise, Innsbruck, Austria

multichannel sound installation, wood sculptures, loop 26:00 min, 2021

the installation called „sonic shrine“ shows an assemblage of loudspeakers on turned and colourfully painted wooden sculptures. the traditional craft technique as a frame for a multi-channel sound composition. the work plays with different qualities of loudspeakers such as acoustic artefacts and their electromagnetic aura. the discarded loudspeakers come from different places in the Innsbruck music scene and subculture and, as objects, already hold a history in themselves. with „sonic shrine“, a homage-like shrine is built to the discarded equipment.

the multi-channel audio landscape forms a two-dimensional noise mantra. worn speakers before they pass into the geological layer play the song of the afterlife of a consumer object. repetitive sounds are strangely soothing and evocative, the sculptural Speakertotems are strung with these electric mantras.

the work was realised for Magic Carpet and shown at the Heart of Noise 2021.

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    in collaboration with Margit Gschwentner, Johannes Payer, Eleni Palles, Nils Olger and the team of openspace.